Rekindling Your Sexual Relationship

By Bev Behar, MASc, RSW, RMFT Many couples find that their sexual relationship dwindles over time to a problematically low level. Some couples haven’t had sexual relationships in months or even years. There is no doubt that a… Read More

Putting Loving Sex Back Into Your Relationship!

By John Henderson, M.Div., M.Th., RMFT Every week another potentially loving couple arrives at my office, distraught over their dissatisfied sex life. Couples complain their relationship and sex life isn’t what it used to be when they were… Read More

Marriage And Depression

By Malcolm M. MacFarlane, M.A. RMFT Depression in a spouse is an issue that most couples will face at some point in their marriage. It is estimated that seven to nine percent of Canadians will suffer from depression… Read More

Learning To Fight Fair

By Heather McKechnie, MSW, RSW, RMFT For many of us, learning to fight fairly when emotionally upset is a challenging experience that most people learn by trial and error and through honest communication which often follows after the… Read More

Helping Families Heal

By Philip Classen, Ph.D., C. Psych., RMFT & Diane Marshall, M.Ed., RMFT For trained marriage & family therapists psychotherapy is always a family affair. Family therapists deal with a great variety of clients: some come as individuals, some… Read More

Cross-Cultural Couple Counselling

By Sharon Y. Ramsay, MDiv, RMFT Which of these foods contain the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin C: one-half a red pepper, one-quarter of a cantaloupe, 250 millilitres cooked broccoli, 250 millilitres of strawberries or 250 millilitres of… Read More

Couples Communicating

By Margaret Fisher, Ed.D., RMFT The foundation of a healthy, dynamic couple relationship is effective communication. Too many couples experience unnecessary hurts and misunderstandings because they do not make the time and effort to communicate clearly. On automatic… Read More

Choosing To Go For Therapy

By Bev Behar, MASc, RSW, RMFT Asking for therapy is so hard for most of us that, unless we have a therapist who we already know and trust, we either delay until we are desperate or we avoid… Read More